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Szeged, Attila u. 17-19.

Phone: +36 70 3200 488

Dear Guests,

Thank you for choosing our services.

Let us provide you some useful information, which will make it easier for you to use our services in our fitness studio.

Our employees are ready to help you in English at your arrival and try to inform you if you

have any questions.

You can find us at two places in the city. One of our fitness studios can be found at 17-19

Attila street in the city center, 100 meters from Arkád shopping center and Mars square. This

studio is 1600 m2 large with gym, aerobic room, dancing room, box ring, functional room and

a seperate part of the gym for women. Besides using our gym, you can take part in different

classes of group training: TRX, aerobics, joga, boxing, functional training, spinning and so


In case of personal trainings our personal trainers are ready to help you and you can take

classes in English, German and French.

In additoin to trainigs, we offer different kinds of body treatments: Hypoxi training,

fatburning massage roll and skin tightening.

Discount for season tickets can be given in case of showing valid student card at reception.

The usage of towel and clean trainers is compulsory in the studio.

Please read our Home Rules carefully.

The yard of the fitness studio is guarded so you can lock your bike safely.

If you are looking for a place which is less busy and more personal to fulfill your special

needs, visit us at 70 Petőfi Avenue „ Befit Motion and Beauty Studio”. Here we offer personal

trainings in an exclusive environment. Besides well-known and popular trainings, you can

choose from a great variety of our special services: speed fitness, e-fit, electric muscle-

stimulating trainings, vibro training, professional solarium, make-up , nail art and body


Our motto: It’s only you and your aim!

For more information call us: 70-3200- 486

We hope we have drawn your interest with this brief introduction.

Look forward to your visit!