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  • Dear Guest,

    Thank you for being part of our great community of active people who want to spend their free time healthy and self-improvement - consciously. There are few, very important things to read and know before using our gym and services.

    Hereby you agree to the following: You are using every equipment and service at your own risk! We cannot be held responsible for missing personal belongings left in the lockers! The access to our gym can be limited or restricted by our staff!

    Our gym and services can be accessed by handing over your valid monthly pass or by purchasing a day pass. By buying a day pass or a monthly pass you thereby agree to our terms and conditions stated here. The validity of the passes cannot be extended nor transferred. A pass can be only used by one person. A lost pass cannot be replaced. Our passes contain no photographs, so our staff can ask our guests to present a valid photo ID too in order to confirm identity of our guests. Every guest has to check in at our front office (reception) by writing down his/her name on the spreadsheet placed there.

    Mandatory equipment for your workout: a towel, clean changing shoes. Towels, socks, elastic/rubber ring, hair dryer can be requested at the front office desk.

    Regarding the changing rooms: For security reasons we adopted padlock lockers. Guests are invited to bring their own padlocks too (like other equipment - you can bring your own). Or you can buy one (with three keys) for 600 Ft at the front-office. For new or casual guest we can also provide our own padlocks, one time, for a pledged personal belonging (that naturally is given back once the borrowed padlock is given back). In order to help us to keep clean the lockers, please remove the padlock and leave the locker open. We cannot be held responsible for missing personal belongings left in the lockers! Do not leave underwear, towels, shoes, ect. in the changing rooms. We collect leftover belongings and we retain them at the frontoffice. Lost and found items are kept there, ask around in case lost something. On the first and second floors there are four women's locker rooms in total with padlocks.

    It is forbidden to bring bags inside the training rooms / gym and group training sessions. If you want to use your own boxing gloves or other equipment, we provide mesh bags. Just ask at the front-office for these.

    Regarding the proper usage of gym: For safety reasons it is forbidden to access the gym on barefoot, in slippers or with bare upper body. The tatami flooring can be accessed bare foot or with special training shoes. Please use different training shoes than what you use in the rest of the gym.

    In the gym there are personal trainers who could help you with your questions regarding training. They also supervise the proper and intended use of the gym equipment. If there is any uncertainty or questions regarding any equipment, please do ask them!

    Our gym's staff is handling the air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems. Please do not interfere with these.

    Every equipment, weights and bars - after usage - has to be put back to their proper place. It is forbidden to place weights and pars on the upholstered sections of the gym equipment, or to throw them, or to cause damage to equipment.

    Consuming food in the gym is also forbidden. Plastic water flasks can be used to carry around water or other refreshing liquid. Please take care of each other, as safety is a priority, especially on the tatami floor or the boxing ring.

    Group class/activity policy: In order to participate in group activities or classes prior registration is a must before event start. Registration can be made on the telephone or text message, as well as manually registering on the file placed at the front office desk. If you are not sure whether you can attend or not, please do not register, but make a call beforehand if we have a spot for you. We'll always try to increase the headcount of every class. Cancelling your attendance of a group class can be done two hours before the event in question, or the night before in case of TRX classes. Cancelling can be made in person, by phone or by sending a text message. Failing to cancel a class and not attending leads to a subtraction of one class (one day is lost) from the pre-purchased pass. Please arrive on time for these group classes. During these classes do not talk to each other. If you do not arrive on time we do keep your spot until the start of the class. We reserve the right to change the trainer for the group class/activities. Please turn off your mobile phones for these classes. If you expect an important call, please hand over your phone at the front office and we will notify you on the call. Please do not start to pack and to leave the room at the end of the class, at the muscle stretching phase because that would disturb the wind down of the participants. Controlling the ventilation or air conditioning is the trainer's responsibility. At the end of the training session please put back every piece of equipment that you've used. If you notice and damage on the equipment please do report the issue (eg., a change of spinning bike operation). Please put the chewing gum in the bin.

    Shower and Restrooms: Everybody is obliged to use the showers and restrooms according to their normal, intended use. The use of slippers is compulsory in the showers, where wet floors are dangerous, please use caution. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, please let our staff know as soon as possible. Please ask the staff at the front office regarding the proper use of the sauna. Inside the sauna: please use a towel to sit or lay down on.

    Other terms / policies: Any types of outside commercial activity is forbidden in our fitness studio. Personal training can be carried out only by trainers that the studio has contract with. It is forbidden to access the gym or any of our services while under the influence of any type of mind-altering or psychoactive drugs. We cannot offer our services to mentally challenged individuals or guest who threaten their or others' safety. Smoking or drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden! Guest who are 14 years or younger can only take part in personal training or group classes (only with supervision). These individuals (children) are not allowed to be present on group classes, unless they are taking part in these. Loud, provocative or unreasonable behavior is not tolerated in our gym.

    By being part of our active community, you accept these terms. If you violate any of these terms your pass is forfeit and you will be escorted out of our establishment.

    There is a secure bicycle storage on the courtyard of the fitness studio, that can be used free of charge, and there's also a pay parking lot for cars.

    Thank you, you honor us with your presence! We wish you persistence in achieving your goals and we wish to see you in the future! We'll hope you'll enjoy being our guest. Take care of your body, as it's the only place that you can live.

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