The prices of Forma 1 Fitnesz

Aerobics and gym

1 occasion (to all types of classes or gym)

1800 huf

Training packages

(Expires 6 weeks from purchase date. Applicable for all classes, gym and functional training area)

4 occassion pass

5000 huf

8 occassion pass

10000 huf

10 occassion pass for adults

12000 huf

10 occassion pass for students *

10000 huf

Monthly gym membership

(Expires 30 days from purchase date /except the half month pass/. Unlimited access to gym and also to the functional room)

Monthly gym pass for adults

12000 huf

Monthly gym pass for students *

10000 huf

MORNING monthly gym pass (applicable 7.00-14.00 + all day on weekends)

9000 huf

15 days (half month) gym pass (expires 15 days from purchase)

6000 huf

Monthly aerobic membership

(Expires 30 days from purchase date. Unlimited access to aerobic classes, except of trx, spinning, kangoo, box)

Monthly aerobics pass for adults

10000 huf

Combinated membership

(Full passes expire 30 days from purchase date. Unlimited use of gym, functional room and applicable for all classes - max. 2 classes/day)

MORNING monthly full pass (valid 6.30 am-14.00 pm + all day on weekends)

9000 huf

Monthly full pass for adults

15000 huf

Monthly full pass for sudents *

12000 huf

Half year full pass (valid for 6 months)

80000 huf

Annual full pass

150000 huf

Other passes

Half year gym pass (Expires 6 months from purchase date, unlimited use of gym and functional room)

65000 huf

Annual gym pass (Expires 1 year from purchase date, unlimited use of gym and functional room)

120000 huf

4 occasion pole fitness/pole dance practise pass (expires 6 weeks from purchase date)

5000 huf


1 occassion

3500 huf

10 occassion hypoxi trainer pass

35000 huf

12 occassion hypoxi trainer pass (gratis:10 occassion aerobics pass)

42000 huf

20 occassion hypoxi trainer pass (gratis: 10 occassion massage roll pass)

54000 huf

Duble pass for 2 persons: 2*20 occassion hypoxi trainer + 2*10 occassion massage roll

99.000 huf


10 minutes

600 huf

15 minutes

900 huf

100 minutes pass

5000 huf

INFRA SAUNA (35 min/session)

1 persone

800 huf

2 persones

1000 huf

3 persones

1000 huf

12 session pass

8000 huf

Renting a locker


Renting the box ring

3000 huf/hour

Room rental

From 5000huf/h

Bachelorette party (up to 10 persons)

25000 huf

Towel, sport clothes rental

250 huf

We offer discounts for our partners!

Our current partners:
MVM Zrt.
Szegedi Környezetgazdálkodási Nonprofit Kft.
Continental Szeged
All You Can Move

Dear Guests!

To have a good time at us please read our home rules. Services can be used with daily ticket or season tickets bought before training. Student discount: regular university student, under age 25, showing valid student card. Use of clean trainers and towel are compulsory! Prices of the buffet and sport clothes can be found at reception.

All prices are stated in Hungarian Forints and includ VAT.

We accept SZEP cards!

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SZOMBAT: 9.00-20.00
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