Functional room - functional workouts

Functional room - functional workouts

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In our studio we also offer functional training, which we recommend to all our guests, as it develops the muscles of the body while performing very varied exercises.

During functional training, we don't just focus on one muscle group, but on moving the whole body in such a way that we develop the body's natural movement patterns, so the exercises are based on movements that we also perform in everyday life, for example squats, lifts, exercises and complex exercises that develop core muscles.

The argument in favour of functional training is that it helps to strengthen our core muscles, thus helping to develop and maintain correct posture, helps to prevent bad movement patterns and can also help to prevent back and waist problems later on.

It can help develop muscle strength, speed and endurance, and improve balance and flexibility.

Functional training also shapes the entire body, increases metabolism and helps burn fat. Our personal trainers provide professional assistance in both the correct learning of bodyweight exercises and in the proper use of various equipment


Our functional room can be accessed via a staircase leading down from the centre of the gym, and measures approximately 400 m2. The entire floor is covered with rubber tiles and houses the boxing ring and the tatami fighting area.

The functional level also includes kettlebells, bars, pull-up bars, rib walls, trx ropes, street workout climbing frame, punching bags, jump ropes, climbing ropes, mats, podiums, benches, and rotating bars for bar/pole fitness.

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