Hypoxi trainer automatic and fat breaker

Hypoxi trainer automatic and fat breaker

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  • Fat burning that starts from minute 4
  • Skin tightening
  • Detoxification
  • Increase lymphatic circulation
  • Elimination of cellulite

It is a fact that fat always breaks down first from where it is most easily accessible, and unfortunately not from where the most has been deposited. It is a familiar phenomenon to all of us, that we lose weight first anywhere, than from the buttocks, thighs... Where there is stubborn fat deposition, the blood circulation in the tissues is also much worse. (This can also be easily checked, after a thirty-minute workout, you have to check how cool your skin is. The cooler, the worse the circulation.) The goal of hypoxia is to improve blood circulation in problematic areas, and for this purpose, it combines the principle of cupping, well-known in naturopathy, with a fat-burning workout.

During the treatment, we sit in a waist-high capsule-like machine with a bicycle built into it. You cycle for 30 to 40 minutes at a moderate intensity, feeling the pressure in the capsule increase and decrease. During the vacuum treatment in a closed space, the suction effect of the vacuum stimulates blood and lymph circulation in the thighs, buttocks, hips and abdomen. This increased circulation contributes to the breakdown and elimination of fats and waste products stored in fat cells, even in those with a more cellulite-prone physique. In addition to the elimination of toxins, the vacuum also helps to regenerate and tighten connective tissue fibres, making the skin overall more supple and smooth.

The hypoxic trainer has more than 20 years of experience in Hungary and has helped thousands of women to get rid of stubborn fat deposits and orange peel skin.

Many of them have also reported countless positive changes in their health. As well as shaping the body, the treatment has helped to treat infertility (increased number of pregnancies), joint pain, sleep problems and menstrual problems.

In fact, these ailments can be traced back to poor metabolism and blood supply, which the Hypoxi machine's vacuum technology and built-in programmes help to correct, and not just for women of course.


Please refrain from smoking for two hours before and after hypoxic treatments.

Eat easily absorbable carbohydrates two hours before hypoxia, and after hypoxia, eat only a protein-type diet during the day, supplemented with low-carbohydrate vegetables.

The recommended daily intake of sugar-free fluids is 2.5 to 3 litres.

Physically demanding activities such as sports or massage should be avoided for 8 hours before and after hypoxia, because the changes in the body that are triggered by hypoxia are stopped.

Clothing during the treatment: a loose cotton T-shirt, trainers or slippers and a towel will be necessary.

Recommended treatment: 3x30-40 minutes per week. No age limit and  can be done by men and women.


- during pregnancy and breastfeeding,

- in case of heart disease, only under medical supervision

- extreme high blood pressure

- in inflamed varicose veins

Fat breaker (massage roll)

Excellent for the treatment and prevention of cellulite, body shaping, warming up for athletes, muscle relaxation, treatment of joint problems, fat burning. Refreshes the body, dilates blood vessels and revitalises them, allowing more blood and oxygen to reach the cells. Blood circulation and metabolism are revitalised, tissue drainage and detoxification are activated.

The roller bars built into the device gently roll through tissue in all parts of the body thus speeding up the lymph circulation.

The treatment starts with the legs (outer and inner thighs, calves) and then massages each part of the body from the bottom up. The use of roller massage alone can produce remarkable results, which can be enhanced by drinking plenty of water to help remove toxins and waste products from the tissues.

The device allows you to set the duration of the treatment and the intensity of the massage.

The fat breaker can also be used as part of another exercise programme or just for a complete body massage. It is easy and comfortable to use. After use, you will feel energised and refreshed. It is an excellent complement to the hypoxi trainer automatic treatment and can be used on its own.

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