Infrared sauna

Infrared sauna

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We highly recommend our guests to use the infrared sauna for health maintenance and to supplement their workouts. The infrared rays penetrate deep under the skin, where they have a detoxifying and cell regenerating effect, as well as allowing fat burning.

It also has a number of health benefits: it relieves joint, muscle and bone pain, spasms, improves blood circulation, increases the body's resistance and detoxifies. Intense sweating contributes to the cleansing of pores, so infrared sauna use also improves the skin's appearance.

The infrared sauna can also provide an excellent additional treatment for athletes, for the purpose of warming up, in order to avoid sports injuries, and its muscle-relaxing effect is also remarkable.

The infrared sauna has its ideal effect at 40-60°C, it does not burden the body, so there are no contraindications related to its use, you just have to pay attention to the duration.

In summary, the arguments in favour of using an infrared sauna:

- Excellent for the treatment of various diseases, such as muscle and joint diseases, sports injuries, various back, spine and limb pains, cardiovascular diseases and allergic disorders

- Positively affects well-being and reduces fatigue

- It also helps to preserve the resistance of a healthy body, because the infrared sauna is an excellent immune booster

- It increases the intensity of blood circulation, which increases the efficiency of the heart

- Detoxifies the body through sweating

- Great for burning calories and fat

- It has a preventive effect against depression and stress

- It can also work wonders on the stubborn enemy of women, the orange skin (cellulite).

- When using an infrared sauna, wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin becomes tighter and younger

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